Infinity Scarf

Oh no, I’ve failed! I promised to blog weekly but last week with a visit from the in-laws, I neglected to write up the pattern and therefore didn’t post. Enough excuses though. Here is the pattern.

I used a N hook and a 4ply yarn. Although I’m making the same scarf for a friend in a chunky 5 yarn and it’s turning out lovely. I liked the 4 simply because I wanted to be able to wear the scarf inside without melting! Either will work though. The fpdc and bpdc line up to make three ridges in the scarf. The scarf is nice and bulky with this patern but if you wanted a narrower scarf you could omit the “Repeat ” and skip to the last 4 dc.

As this is my first time writing a pattern, please let me know if there’s any mistakes. 🙂

Hook: N 10.00mm

Yarn: 4 medium or 5 chunky

Terms: Chain (ch), Single Crochet (sc), Double Crochet )dc), Frontpost Double Crochet (fpdc), Backpost Double Crochet (bpdc), Slip Stitch (slst)

Row 1: ch 20

Row 2: Skip ch closest to hook and sc across. Turn. (19sc)

Row 3: ch 3 and turn (Counts as first dc). dc in next three spaces. fpdc around next. Repeat 1x. Finish row with 4 dc (16dc, 3 fpdc)

the pattern will look like this: dc dc dc dc fpdc dc dc dc dc fpdc dc dc dc dc fpdc dc dc dc dc

Row 4: ch 3 and turn. dc in next 3. bpdc around next stitch. Repeat 1x Finish row with 4 dc. (16dc, 3 bpdc)

Row 5-70: Repeat row 3 & 4 until desired length is reached. I finished at 70 rows.

Finish: Join ends together with 19 slip stitches. Be sure to slst on the side that doesn’t have the three ridges.

Happy scarf making!


Shades of Grey on a Budget

It was that time of year again. Time for family pictures. This year we had decided to get a professional photographer to capture our image as the Foreman Family 2011. In the past we would just ask a friend to take them with our camera but I’ve been increasingly envious of the beautiful pictures I see on Facebook and Pinterest so we were doing it right this time.

I was pretty excited about it. Especially since we have never had our pictures professionally done. Not even for our wedding. Big mistake. A friend of ours took pretty good pictures and had a pretty good camera and so we just asked her. With no editing experience, that was exactly what we got. Pretty good. Not great, not amazing. Hindsight is 20/20 and I’ve learned my lesson. But I’m still pretty cheap frugal. I was going to have to find an affordable photographer and get us all outfitted for very little money since I’m still on mat leave.

Now to decide who to hire and what to wear. The hiring part ended up taking care of itself. Without even knowing about the contest, I won a free session with Phancy Pants Photography! I love anything free! I knew Aila took great pictures and I had actually just arranged a product swap with her. I made photo props for her and she’s going to take pictures of the hats I make at Bittybop Toppers for me to display on my Facebook page. You can find Aila’s page at and my page at .

With who to hire was taken care I was left with decision of what to wear. It’s hard enough to get everyone dressed and out the door, never mind dressed in coordinating outfits! After hours of scouring the closet I finally decided on black and grey. Ben had a grey and black sweater so he was taken care of. I had black bowtie onsie for The Boy. I thought a grey hat would look sweet with it so I whipped up a newsboy hat using an easy pattern.I wish I could take credit for this adorable hat but the pattern is by Bonnie Potter at

Little Duck had a longsleeve black t-shirt but her grey sweater was a little short in the sleeves so I tucked them under to model a style of a women’s sweater I had seen at Gap. Her headband was so easy. Old Navy has fleece blankets for sale every Christmas and one year the were held together with a silver stretchy elastic band I also had a black rose that I had taken off of a dress a few years ago. Combine those with an extra black button from a winter coat and a hot glue gun and you have a headband. So easy!

Now everyone had something with black and grey to wear. Except me! I had black t-shirts and black maternity clothes but nothing for me to wear for a fall family picture. I also had promised myself that I would stop wearing maternity clothes just because they were comfortable. The day before our pictures I ducked into Old Navy to grab a black long sleeve basic tee. They were on sale for $9 and with my discount I only paid about $7 after tax. I knew I had grey yarn so I thought I’d do up a scarf to wear. I looked all over for a free (and quick!) cowl type scarf pattern. I found plenty of patterns but they all required chunky yarn and I only had medium worsted. So I decided to wing it and come up with something on my own. Considering how easy and fast it was I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I’ll share the pattern with you next post! It will be my first attempt at publishing a crochet pattern.

It ended up being a very cold day and we couldn’t stay out for too long. I wasn’t sure if we had gotten enough pictures but I was impressed with what Aila was able to get. Overall, I was very happy about how it all turned out Especially considering the whole thing only cost $7 total!



-UPDATE- This blog post was written and named prior to the eplosion of the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. My apologies if you were expecting this be about something else! 🙂

Getting Started

I have always enjoyed the process of creating. My favorite part of all would have to be brainstorming. I thoroughly enjoy dreaming up ideas of things I could make or do.
My second favorite would be completion. Seeing that which you have dreamt of come to be. It’s somewhere in the middle that I get stuck. I can usually start the project but then life happens and I slowly drift away before I can reach the end. When things settle down, instead of going back to the unfinished business, I start a new project. I am forever walking around with all of this “creative baggage.” I guess you could say I’m in love with being in love with a new idea.
I’m grown up now, with a husband and two kids. It’s time to settle down and start finishing what I’ve started!
I’m going to start small. I promise to blog as often as I can. I will commit myself to posting about at least one project a week for one year. That means by this time next year I will have posted at least 52 DIY craft/crochet or creative projects. I can do this! Starting now.