Infinity Scarf

Oh no, I’ve failed! I promised to blog weekly but last week with a visit from the in-laws, I neglected to write up the pattern and therefore didn’t post. Enough excuses though. Here is the pattern.

I used a N hook and a 4ply yarn. Although I’m making the same scarf for a friend in a chunky 5 yarn and it’s turning out lovely. I liked the 4 simply because I wanted to be able to wear the scarf inside without melting! Either will work though. The fpdc and bpdc line up to make three ridges in the scarf. The scarf is nice and bulky with this patern but if you wanted a narrower scarf you could omit the “Repeat ” and skip to the last 4 dc.

As this is my first time writing a pattern, please let me know if there’s any mistakes. 🙂

Hook: N 10.00mm

Yarn: 4 medium or 5 chunky

Terms: Chain (ch), Single Crochet (sc), Double Crochet )dc), Frontpost Double Crochet (fpdc), Backpost Double Crochet (bpdc), Slip Stitch (slst)

Row 1: ch 20

Row 2: Skip ch closest to hook and sc across. Turn. (19sc)

Row 3: ch 3 and turn (Counts as first dc). dc in next three spaces. fpdc around next. Repeat 1x. Finish row with 4 dc (16dc, 3 fpdc)

the pattern will look like this: dc dc dc dc fpdc dc dc dc dc fpdc dc dc dc dc fpdc dc dc dc dc

Row 4: ch 3 and turn. dc in next 3. bpdc around next stitch. Repeat 1x Finish row with 4 dc. (16dc, 3 bpdc)

Row 5-70: Repeat row 3 & 4 until desired length is reached. I finished at 70 rows.

Finish: Join ends together with 19 slip stitches. Be sure to slst on the side that doesn’t have the three ridges.

Happy scarf making!


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