If You Believe It- and ask for it for it for your birthday and christmas for eight years- You Can Achieve It!

For eight years straight when my birthday or Christmas would roll around, I would ask for one thing: a sewing Machine. Any sewing machine! As long as it could sew two pieces of fabric together I didn’t really care about the bells and whistles.

I started for it asking when I was in college. That was near the end of my bohemian phase and I was starting to look for another outlet for creativity besides decorating my room with scarves and beads. Maybe my mother thought that since we always had access to my grandmother’s sewing machine then I didn’t need my own. For whatever reason I did not receive a sewing machine during my college years. I suppose I could have bought one but I was saving for a wedding so it seemed sort of low on the list of things I needed to buy.

After I was married I asked my husband for a sewing machine. He had no desire for me to spend my time making curtains and throw pillows for our small apartment so when Christmas rolled around I did not find a sewing machine under my tree. I suppose at this point I should have bought a sewing machine but it seemed like there was always something else that we needed; a car engine, a freezer, a bed, a couch set. Then when we bought our first house and any extra funds seemed to disappear into the everyday costs of home ownership.

When we had our daughter I imagined becoming that mom. The one that sews Halloween costumes and makes beautiful spring dresses. Maybe it was only a dream. Then I found Pinterest. The wonderful beautiful things I could make using Pinterest…if I only had a sewing machine.

I have often heard about people who believe in something so much that they will it to happen. They plan and live their life as though what they want to happen is guaranteed to take place. So using this knowledge I created a board on Pinterest filled with all of the sewing projects that I WAS going to do WHEN I got my sewing machine. http://pinterest.com/bittyboptoppers/oh-sew-easy/

My birthday came and went but there was still Christmas. Christmas is a time when all things are possible. When the celebration of the birth of our Saviour inspires people to believe that anything can happen. So I believed that I would get a sewing machine this year. I may have also specifically told my mother that I wanted a sewing machine even if that meant not getting my husband anything…..

And so do to the power of positive thinking I present to you…..

My new best friend. Let the good times begin!