Retroactive DIY Baby Leggings Post

I have many pictures stored up and not many posts to show for it! Can you blog retroactively? I’ve decided that you can and so, may I present my January DIY project: Baby leggings. This isn’t so much a ‘How To’ post as much as it is a review of a ‘How To’ post.

I love BabyLegs. Not the rolly polly kind you find on adorably plump babies (although they are delicious) but the kind that remind you of the leg warmers you wore when you were a kid in gymnastics or dance. My two babies are not naturally well insulated. They lean more towards the, well, lean side. My oldest insists on wearing nighties even on the coldest of winter nights so BabyLegs seemed like a great solution. Unfortunately there are no stores in our area that sell them and my budget does not allow me to pay extra for shipping. That’s why I was so happy to find this tutorial by CutSewRepeat!

Click on the picture to find this great tutorial from CutSewRepeat!

At CutSewRepeat they bought their trouser socks in a three pack for $8. I bought my socks at our local dollar store for $1.25! BabyLegs cost about $15 so making your own saves a lot of money especially if you want more than one pair. I’ll post my own pictures to show how easily I followed the tutorial but you’ll want to check out CutSewRepeat for better photos. The first step is to cut out the heel and toe of the sock. You’ll only need the top part of the sock (which will be the legging) and the middle part of the foot (for the cuff of your legging). Next you fold the middle of the foot over to make the cuff. make sure that patterned side is facing out. Then pin the cuff to the end of the legging with the raw edge. Pin them together so that all of the raw edges are lined up. Then sew and you’re done!!! It’s that easy!!!

Step 1: Cut out toe and heel of sock

Step 2: Fold over the part that was cut out between the heel and toe of the sock to make a cuff.

What I really like about making your own baby leggings (besides saving oodles of money!) is that these are much longer! I have a pair that were given to The Boy and they work fine for him but they barely go up to Little Duck’s knee.This DIY pair work perfectly. They are great for sleeping in to add extra warmth on cold nights and they look great under skirts for girls. I wear them on my son under his jeans on cold days when he’s going somewhere in the car (snowsuits for infants and toddlers are strongly not recommended by DMV here due to straps fitting improperly). Overall this was a great tutorial a very easy beginner sewing project and a great way to save money!!!