Getting Started

I have always enjoyed the process of creating. My favorite part of all would have to be brainstorming. I thoroughly enjoy dreaming up ideas of things I could make or do.
My second favorite would be completion. Seeing that which you have dreamt of come to be. It’s somewhere in the middle that I get stuck. I can usually start the project but then life happens and I slowly drift away before I can reach the end. When things settle down, instead of going back to the unfinished business, I start a new project. I am forever walking around with all of this “creative baggage.” I guess you could say I’m in love with being in love with a new idea.
I’m grown up now, with a husband and two kids. It’s time to settle down and start finishing what I’ve started!
I’m going to start small. I promise to blog as often as I can. I will commit myself to posting about at least one project a week for one year. That means by this time next year I will have posted at least 52 DIY craft/crochet or creative projects. I can do this! Starting now.